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Escort Charisma

Fees & Booking German High Class Escorts

Escort inclusive private time at your hotel or privat rooms

Private Time: 2 hours: 400,00 Euro

Private Time: 3 hours: 550,00 Euro

Dinner date*: 4 hours: 650,00 Euro

* The lady / the gentleman expects your invitation to dinner or lunch

Escort inclusive private time

Long Evening*: 6 hours 800,00 Euro

Overnight*: 12 hours / 1.200,00 Euro

* The lady / the gentleman expects your invitation to dinner or lunch

Extension per hour 100,00 Euro

Escort inclusive private time short vacation

1day: 24 hours 2.000,00 Euro

2 days: 48 hours 2.800,00 Euro
Each additional day for: 24 hours / 1000,00 €

Erotic Specials: Anal, champagne passive, 2 Men, Sandwich, Couple Service – Role playing – Clubs – Events

Most of our erotic Specials calculate the fee mentioned on this page.

Some sexy ideas you can expect at a premium. For this information. The preferences of men and women who on the respective sides These are marked with an asterisk *

Erotic specials: threesome – club visit – event

You will find the fee for our specials here:

swingerclub with escortlady

swingerclub with callboy

threesome with ladies

threesome with boys

roleplay with escortlady

roleplay with callboy

Minimum booking time requested

Hometown Escort: 2 hours
Home country: depens on miles minimum 3 hours
Europe: depens on miles minimum 6 hours
Worlwide*: 72 hours (3 days)

* Travelling on business class ( not condition )

Travelling Expenses

Hometown: our escorts would be pleased about taxi subsidy
Home country*: Rail or flight ticket + 100,00 € travel expenses
Europe: Rail or flight ticket + 100,00 € travel expenses
Worlwide**: Flight ticket + 200,00 € travel expenses

* In case the callgirl /callboy travels by car, travel costs and travel expenses will be calculated individually

** flight on business class only ( not condition )

The escort-girl /escort-boy expects her / his fee at the beginning of the date in cash inside an unleased envelope. For safety reasons we do not accept 500 Euro banknotes.

In case you place a booking for a duration of more than 15 hours, or if the lady / the gentleman has to travel abroad a down-payment of min. 30% of the lady’s /gent´s fee plus travel cost is required to confirm the booking.

n the unfortunate case that the escort partners upon meeting each other do not wish to proceed with their date, the escort lady / escort gent expects refund of her / his travelling expenses and a fair compensation, though not less than 50 Euro.

Please click here for our GTC – (General Terms and Conditions)

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